Fundraising Made Simple

Set a Date

Host your own fundraising any time of the year, that best suits you.  Aim to conduct this campaign when there are fewer competing events.


Fundraising Co-ordinator

Select someone to co-ordinate and oversee the campaign. Your co-ordinator will keep track of all orders taken by each seller and record the monies received. A Tally Sheet is perfect for keeping record (see our website).

Free Downloads

You can download: Cookie Dough Order Form, Cookie Dough Information Flyer, Checklist, Tally Sheet, Ingredients List, Baking Tips and Student Certificate.


Set a Goal

Establish how the monies raised will be used and set a target - it’s great to have a goal!



Promote the campaign via your newsletter and tell them how the monies will be used.
Promote the campaign as often as you can so that there is a greater degree of product awareness, which will assist your sellers when the time comes to take orders. 
Ideas: Newsletters, noticeboards, posters, email, website, social media, and maybe approaching your local newspaper.


Set a Time Frame

Ideally it is a good idea to run your campaign over a 3-4 week period.



Each Seller receives a fundraising Cookie Dough Information Flyer and an Order Form.
This becomes a great introduction tool. 


Fundraising Reminders

As your event approaches and throughout the campaign, it is a great idea to keep your sellers informed of key dates and activities. 
Visit the Checklist of important dates.

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